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Grootbos: The marine Big 5

by Götz A. Primke

Today, I have had two absolute different emotions: at one hand we have been on a boat out on the ocean. And we have really seen on the first trip outside on the sea the marine big five. I have seen and made a lot of pictures of the white shark (!), the whales, the dolphins, the seals and of a lot of penguins. I would love to give you some pictures, but this connection here is much to slow. So I will send you the pix on my flickr account when I am back in Germany.

Nevertheless I have been with a guide from the Grootbos reserve in one of the next townships. We have been driving trough this township slowly. And I must really say that not only the first trip but also the second was really touching. We have been at the final ceremony of a football competitioin where the under 15 years old kid get their reward. And this special football place is sponsored by the first mayor football league from South Africa. This is the first not natural football place in South Africa. These guys here are really happy to leave so close to such a positive and sustainable lodge like Grootbos.

Tomorrow I will leave towards the Wine Region before I turn to Cape Town. There I will stay in the Hotel Fire & Ice. But before I will see something of the region from where these famous wines are coming from.

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