Protea Fire & Ice: For the trendy people visiting CPT

So that is the place where you can go base-jumping. Or bungee jumping. Or whatever extreme you like. The Protea hotel group recently gave the formerly known Extreme Hotel the new name Fire & Ice Hotel. Let’s see if Willy Bogner has been here already…

The hotel is not far away from the hottest street in town, the Long Street. It provides everything young people need. But when I was checking in this late afternoon, there was no power. So the boy had to bring up my luggage 4 floors… – my luggage weighs about 20kg. And the reservation first gave a wrong room number because the computers where off. Well I finaly got a nice room and enjoyed later, when the power was back, the Bose sound system with plug-in for my iPod.

Tomorrow I will go out for some christmas shopping, some city tour and will see how the Table Mountain is like.

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