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Ant’s Nest: How to face a rhino

by Götz A. Primke

Yesterday I drove from Jaci’s Lodge up north to Ant’s Nest, in the Waterberg Region in the Northern District of South Africa. Even though the weather today could be warmer it is wonderful. My drive yesterday was somehow adventorous. I was on a gravel road and stuck deep in the mud. Thanx to black power, a farmer and his two sons, I got out of the mud. But you should see now this Avis Toyota Corolla. Full with red mud…

Today I was horse riding. Through the beautiful landscape. And we have been with our horses just some few metres away from the wild animals. They see us, horse and man, as one entity, as one other wild animal. So there is no conflict. We have seen girafs, wildebeests (gnus), kudus, ipalas, zebras and many more. And we have been just some 5 metres away from 4 rhinos. This is so amazing, so fascinating, you can’t imagine. And here, the lodge from Ant and Tessa is also very nice, cosy and absolutely spacious. I don’t only have a room. I have a whole floor for me. A huge room for eating and living, a wonderful bedroom, a nice and lovely decorated bath room. And imagine: some weeks ago famous tennis player Justine Henin was here too. This afternoon I will see Ant’s Hill, the second Lodge they have here.

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