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Franschhoek: Little trip to the Wine Region

by Götz A. Primke

Today I have some kind of a day off. I left Grootbos at noon. Before I was out with Nzuzu, a very kind staff member who showed me yesterday his township, out in the hills looking for the several plants, the flowers of the Grootbos Nature Reserve. I drove off from the coast and now I am in the Wine Region, a little town called Franschhoek.

This town is so amazingly french, Old Europe. Just around the corner is a huge Hugenott memorial. Coming from the coast I popped in the Arabella Western Cape & Spa Hotel. A nice, modern business and Golf Hotel, belonging to the ArabellaStarwood Group. This house provides everything for the normal guest of a five star hotel. The guestrooms are modern, but could be like this also everywhere around the world. International high-class comfort. The golf course is very nice, directly at the coast with some spectacular views.
What I find some kind of funny and haven’t seen it before: the men’s urinals are full of ice cubes. Does it help against smelling?

After a lovely tour through the mountains with a road that could be also in the alps with a lot of serpentine curves I came to Franschhoek. And as I am here just by chance I went to the Tourist Office and got a nice, little and cosy B&B room, in the Cape Vineyard Guest House. These guys here are so modern that they not only provide a computer with internet access for everyone but also a WLAN access for laptops. I will now go for dinner to the town, will find a nice restaurant.

Tomorrow I will leave for Stellenbosch, look if at Blaauwklippen I can get a tour through the vineyards and at the end turn to Cape Town for the Protea Hotel Fire & Ice, formerly known as the Extreme Hotel Cape Town.

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