Jaci’s Lodge: Living in between the game resort

My ranger told me today to write to you folx that I am still alive. After having seen Elefants, Kudus, Gnus, Tigers, Girafs, Zebras, Wild Dogs, Buffalos, thousands of birds, millions of insects, but desperately seeking the black rhinos, I am sitting here writing you a short message. I am in Jaci’s Lodge in the Madikwe Reserve. This is close to Sun City. A 3.5 hrs drive north-west of Johannesburg in South Africa. Here everything is private. No one may drive into this game reserve without a permission, without a reservation in one of the 4- and 5-star hotel resorts.

But be careful, when driving here: suddenly you are in front of a wild animal. And some of them -see above – could be dangerous. So when checking in I had to sign a paper that when behaving wrong I also could get hurt or die… thanx a lot so far. But here at Jaci’s Safari Lodge everything is safe. Well, yesterday evening a Stachelschwein was sitting in front of my own lodge. By the way: this lodge is absolutely open to nearly every side. I am looking from my bed into the bush, I can hear the birds, the animals. And this morning while preparing for breakfast I saw a Erdmaennchen just in front of me. Lovely.

And the food. Here @ Jaci’s they prepare wonderful dishes. Even though the lamb yesterday evening was far away from beeing red inside, almost closer to a leather shoe, but the ideas, the mixture of african and international style is delicious. The chefs are coming from other lodges, they learned in a chef’s academy and now they have some trainees here to give the know-how to the next generation.

I must close now. In some minutes Kate will give me an african full body massage. Just check my Twitter messages. I will keep you updated in-between. Cheers.

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